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Wood and Fire

I’ve been caught up in the studio and I guess the blog was left behind.  My making cycle for this firing was shorter than it has been lately, and I’ve been cranking!  After weeks of worry about having enough wood to fire, Milan delivered 2 truck loads to the studio.  Hooray!

wood mountain

Look at all that wood!

Yesterday was Firing XXVIII (28!) and it went well.

wadded pots

Pots wadded and ready to load…


Kiln and Gilbert ready.


A shot of the beginning of the firing.  I start by stoking in the front of the kiln.  This is about 600 degrees.  Thanks to John Geci who got the kiln started at 5:45!


These are cones inside the kiln.  They melt at certain temperatures and we (potters) use them to understand what is going on inside the kiln.  The cone that is doing the cute flip is cone 08.  They don’t usually bend like that- I love it.

The rest of the firing went smoothly, and I am hopeful the pots will show it!  I am leaving town tomorrow for my brother’s wedding and then a much anticipated trip out to Ocracoke.  I’m not going to unload the pottery until I return, but will be sure to post images when I do!

If you are in the area, we are having our Studio Tour the weekend of June 6, 7, and 8.  There are LOTS of really great artists and crafts people on this tour- come see us!  You can learn more about the tour and download a map HERE.

Thanks for reading.