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Up to Date…

Welcome to my new and improved website!  I just love it.  Thanks Marisa!!

I’ve been thinking about keeping a blog for a while, as a tool to reflect on my process and my pots.  Since the birth of our daughter my studio practice has changed quite a bit.  I don’t work all day and into the evening anymore.  I take longer breaks to spend time with Grae, make sure we have a decent meal or two, and take care of the long list of chores that come with life with a baby.  In the studio my time has become more focused.  I don’t hesitate when I get down to the shop- I just start making.  Knowing I only have 3 hour stretches to work makes me use that time as efficiently as possible.

Grae is 1

I am trying to make more deliberate, slower pots- trying to really focus on each one, rather then just throwing a bunch of pots to fill the kiln.  As a result I am only going to fire my kiln three times this year (in the past I have always fired 5x/year.  Last year I only fired twice, but I was pregnant).  I hope the result will be better pots!

salad plates

So here we are at the end of July.  I fired my kiln on the 12th– firing XXI!  It was a good firing with new pots, new decorations, and I am excited about what I’m making.  John and I just got done showing at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands.  It was a great show- John being the poster boy for the show didn’t hurt!

SHCG booth


Today I went to Asheville to have Tim Barnwell take some images of my work- I’ll post them next week.

barnwell studio

I think that brings us up to date!



Hey! Nice post! I like the idea of making less pottery and putting a little more time or attention into them, I’m trying hat this round, too. I hope to spend a little more time decorating.


thanks mk! i’m sure i can’t blog like you, but i’m gonna try!