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The Sun is Shining!

We have been dealing with all kinds of wild weather here in the mountains of NC.  I’m sure you have too- seems like the whole country is!  We made it through the sub-zero temperatures just fine.  A couple busted pipes in my husband’s studio, but nothing major.  Phew.  Today the sun is out.

I had 2200 lbs of clay delivered on Friday and there’s nothing like big piles of fresh soft clay to get me started back to work!  I’ve been buying clay from STARworks and it’s good stuff!  I love the way it feels and the folks over there are helpful and easy to work with.  So this weekend I’ve made a bunch of dinner plates and small square plates.

Marisa, my lovely web designer, had a chance to put my Ceramics Monthly Studio Visit article up on my website.  Check it out HERE!

I’ll post some images of what I’m making this week.  Thanks for reading.



Michael Kline (@Klineola)

Its always good to have fresh clay AND plenty of empty shelves to encourage production of NEW POTS! Happy SUN day!