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Taking Stock and Moving On

Being a potter, my work schedule isn’t 9-5 Monday to Friday.  I used to fire 5 times a year, but lately it’s been more like 3.  I’ll spend 3 months making pots for one kiln- starting to make them slowly in the first month, and working against the clock in the last month.  Then after the firing, I take a break.  Making pots is hard work.  My body gets tired.  And we live in the country- our property takes caring for.  Since Grae was born, John and I have been taking turns which of us is “on”.  If one of us has a deadline, the other is taking care of our daughter.

I had hoped that now would be my break time, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury now.  I’ve been doing lots of refires, and while there are some interesting and some nice results, a lot of it I’m not thrilled with.  It’s not good enough for upcoming gallery shows.  I’m going to fire again at the end of April.

Lucky for me, I made way too many pots for the last kiln so I have a bunch of work ready to go in this next one.

unfired pots

And I think I’ll try to refire some of the pots from the last kiln.  I had very little luck refiring my black glaze in the ekiln.  Maybe it will do better in the wood kiln?

pots to refire

Milan brought me wood yesterday.  Oh wood!  It’s like money in the bank!

milan's new truck
3 bundles of wood and gilbert

This week John is taking a class at Penland (from Yann Giguere).  He’s learning Japanese woodworking!  Then next week John is turning on his furnace to get cranking on orders.  I’ll be cranking too to get this firing under my belt.

After I fire next month I am taking a break.  I won’t fire until late September.  John needs time to work, and I need time with Grae and working the garden.  Some years we grow almost all of our vegetables.  I want that to be a priority this year.  Grae is really getting into food and I want her to learn where it comes from and how good it can be.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I really appreciate the support and kind words from you all after my bad firing.  I’m so lucky to have you as my community.



Wood!! So exciting.
Making fresh food is a great plan. I haven’t made much time for gardening for the past two years, learning how to mow with the scythe taking up all my extra time, but maybe this year. Stacey has a bunch of seeds and we have plenty of dirt.

I’m glad that you are on it for April. It will be a great firing! And hopefully Alan will be back!