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Spruce Pine Potters Market and Back Again

Last weekend was the Spruce Pine Potters Market.  What a great show.  Not only do I get to spend my weekend with potters I really like, but there are tons of folks who come out to buy our work! 


Part of my booth after the Saturday rush.  I got cleaned out!  I’m glad to be past the show- on to the next one as my neighbor potter (Michael Kline) says.  So this week I threw seed pots.  24 small plates, to be trimmed and squared.


I’m excited to be back in the studio.  It’ll be a short run- firing at the end of November.  I’m sharing the kiln with Kline, so I won’t need to make a full load.  Now’s the time to place your order!

I’m off to the showroom to pack and send out some more pots, but I’ll leave you with one more image.


She’s getting so big!  Sheesh.

Thanks for reading.