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Pimp My Kiln

My kiln has been needing a little upgrade, and finally this week it got one. I started by taking out my grates.


Cool, right? The steel is flaking away! They are truck axles and lasted 24 firings. After some axle hunting around Mitchell county, John and I were able to source 9 axles. 4 are from semis. They look great (grate?).


Then it was time to tackle the bag wall. It’s been leaning towards the firebox more and more.


John did the demolition. Gently! And it went well.


Today I rebuilt the wall. It feels great to have it done. Yes, it’s leaning in towards the stacking space intentionally.


Daniel Beck fabricated some dampers for me too. I love them! I’ve always used kiln shelves and have had breakage. Hooray for metal shelves!


My kiln is in great shape, my wood is dry, and I’m right on track for this firing. Tomorrow I start wadding and loading. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Thanks for reading.


Karen Nakakihara

A job well done! Congratulations! It must a nice feeling to have your kiln back in order :o)


Thanks Karen- it does feel good!