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I finally have a morning off after a couple busy weeks.  I’ve been making some pots in the studio,

square plates

doing the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands,

guild show set up
guild show glass
guild show pots

And my sweet girl turned 2. 

grae is 2

It’s been a big month.  I plan to spend the next few weeks slowly ramping up the pace of work in the studio, but also taking some down time.  My body is tired and I need to recharge before our busy fall.  We need to spend time outdoors and get to the river to swim.  There are berries to pick, beans to harvest and enough basil to kill us all.  I’m hoping to have our freezer stocked well this year so I don’t have to buy much produce.  We live in a very rural place, and our local (big chain) grocery has a limited amount of vegetables I find acceptable.  So I can and freeze as much as possible.

Thanks for reading.