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Glaze testing

In the last firing, I had some issues with my black glaze.  I guess I’ve had these issues for a while- the glaze sometimes goes INCREDIBLY matte.  Too matte.  After a great glaze council with John Britt, I was informed and motivated to do some testing.


First step was to make the test tiles.

Then I had my assistant mix up a bunch of tests.  I tested my base glaze (for the black) with different increments of colorant.  Because my black calls for a LOT of stain, we figured that was what was causing it to go too matte.  We mixed up 60 tests.


I dipped in the test tiles….


And brought them up to Penland where my neighbor/friend Michael Kline was firing the salt kiln.  Thanks MK for getting these in.


Today I have been looking through these tiles- There’s so much information here for me!  I think that I need far less colorant for my black glaze to be what I want it to be.  It feels good to have that problem solved!

Back to making pots this week.  Also- it’s amazingly warm and sunny here.  WOOHOO!  We are taking time to garden, harvest next years wood, and go to the park with Grae.

Thanks for reading.