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Cranking (sort of)

January is almost over and I feel like I haven’t made many pots.  No, I know I haven’t.  Between SNOW…


And Snow Days, when I am home with my daughter…


And battling sickness, and freezing temperatures…


(this is what happens to a pot when it freezes.  It gets ruined.)

I haven’t gotten that much made.  But I’m plugging away, and getting some things done.  I hope to fire at the end of February, but I think it will be ok if I have to push that date.


Pots, pots, pots!

My husband has a great article in the Laurel of Asheville.  You can read it HERE.

I was asked to contribute a piece to the La Mesa show at NCECA this year.  If you haven’t seen it- it’s one LONG table with place settings and serving dishes, and it fills a hall in a hotel.  It’s a great group of potters and I’m delighted to be part of it.  When I get images of this year’s I’ll post them.  Thanks Santa Fe Clay for the invite!

I was also invited to do the Potters Market Invitational at the Mint in Charlotte.  Yahoo!  It’s not until September, but I’m thrilled.

One more thing- I was asked to be the featured artist at the DeCordova Museum in Boston- for their shop in September.

OK.  Grae has a full day of school today so I’d better get to work.  Thanks for reading.



And you started a yoga class…..we love having you on Tuesday AM’s. Namaste, anita

Michael Kline (@Klineola)

sorry ’bout that frozen pot(s), it was cold, yikes! Seems like you’re on a good roll now, keep on!