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Coming up…

Well, I fired yesterday and it seemed to go well.  John got the kiln lit at a quarter after 5.  He’s great at getting up early and getting it going.  It climbed at a steady 200 degrees an hour and we had transitioned to the grates by mid day.  Alan Gratz came to stoke around 1pm and stayed with me til the end.  Looks like cone 10 is at a third all around the kiln, and I’m usually pretty happy with that.

I’ll be unloading Monday and pictures will follow!

This upcoming week will be full of sanding, photographing, and packing pots.  On October 13 and 14 I’ll be at the Spruce Pine Potters Market.  This show is fun to do and I enjoy the other potters that show here.  Come up and see us- the leaves are bright and it’s really great show.


I’ll have my work here too.  A pop up shop in Asheville.  They open Friday October 12th and are open for one month only.  I’m new to the idea of a pop-up store, and I can’t wait to see it.

Stay tuned for the unloading.  Thanks for reading.