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Last wet day was today. I threw the last few plates and put together some more box vases. I have a lot of pots.


I swept and cleaned the clay off my tables. Then I started to wax the rims and bottoms of pots.
Glazing is my favorite. I’ve been thinking about, researching, and drawing pattern. How exciting to finally get it on the pots. I brought a platter to the house even- if I get Grae in bed soon maybe I’ll get time to draw tonight.

I need to replace my bag wall before I fire. This project is looming large for me- I need to just start it and it probably won’t be so bad.


See it leaning?

Thanks for reading.

Piling Up

Pots are starting to pile up around here.


I’m aiming to fire in the second week of September.

My dahlias are lovely.


And thanks to Tom Dancer and my husband John, there are new steps leading towards my studio.


Good stuff. Thanks for reading.

Just A Few Pictures

Through a series of events and schedule changes my firing has been pushed up to early/mid September. I’m cranking in the studio and it’s going well. Here’s just a few shots to show you what I’m up to.


slab trays in progress.


close up on the 5 sectioned trays.


mug handle tunnel.


my ware racks are filling up.

More soon, I promise. I’m feeling inspired and productive. We continue to enjoy the long days with our daughter and our friends. Summer 2013 has been lots of fun.
Thanks for reading.


I finally have a morning off after a couple busy weeks.  I’ve been making some pots in the studio,

square plates

doing the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands,

guild show set up
guild show glass
guild show pots

And my sweet girl turned 2. 

grae is 2

It’s been a big month.  I plan to spend the next few weeks slowly ramping up the pace of work in the studio, but also taking some down time.  My body is tired and I need to recharge before our busy fall.  We need to spend time outdoors and get to the river to swim.  There are berries to pick, beans to harvest and enough basil to kill us all.  I’m hoping to have our freezer stocked well this year so I don’t have to buy much produce.  We live in a very rural place, and our local (big chain) grocery has a limited amount of vegetables I find acceptable.  So I can and freeze as much as possible.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today John and I finally got back into the garden to finish the grand weeding, staking, and harvesting project I started before the rain.  It has been so wet here- we got between 9 and 16 inches in 5 days!  It was too wet to mow this morning so into the garden we went.


Garlic!  They look great- the bulbs are large, and I think we got them out before they got TOO water logged.  I haven’t counted them, but they filled the wheel barrow.

garlic wheelbarrow

Kale!  We have been eating greens from the garden for a while now.  The spinach has bolted, and our peas are past (we pulled both of those out today), but now the beans are coming in, and the basil….


Holy basil Batman!  I picked enough to make a batch of pesto to freeze this evening.


The cherry tomatoes are ripening too.  Of course this rain was NOT good for the tomatoes.  We have a terrible tomato blight in this area, and water really accelerates it.  Today we picked off all the yellowed or blackened leaves, and we hope to have at least some cherry tomatoes for Grae to enjoy.


Our onions have done well… but it seems like the ones with the big flowering stalk (on the left in the picture above) make poor onions, while the ones without the stalk (like the one on the right above) make great onions.  Does anyone know what makes them grow this stalk?  Are they male vs. female?  Is there a way to prevent them growing the stalk?  I guess I should do some research.


See the difference?  Hmmm…


View of most of the garden.  I have been working in the studio too, but trying to work in the studio a little less, and take the time to care for our place.  I love this garden.  One more picture- BEES!  The onion flowers are so beautiful (even though they don’t make good onions), and the bees were loving it.


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