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My hops are doing really well this year! They are beautiful, and I love the way they smell. Hopefully I’ll grow enough that they can be used by one of my many brewer friends.


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Big Things!

This week folks (Jen and Kevin) from Ceramics Arts Daily came to shoot me in my studio.  I am writing an article for Ceramics Monthly about my studio, and they are doing a video in conjunction.  I’m psyched.  I felt a little nervous doing the video, but hopefully it didn’t show too badly.  Here are a couple shots John took while I talked.

CAD visit 1

I will of course let you readers know when the article is set to come out!  I haven’t submitted it yet, so it might be a while.  Keep checking in…

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New clay and patterns.

I’ve been taking a break from the studio. But circumstances conspire to get me back to work. So here are a couple shots from today.


New clay! I got 2 kinds of stoneware from STARWorks.


I was excited to try the new clay and threw a bunch of pots these past few days.


And made test tiles. I’m hopeful the clay will be compatible with my glazes, but tests need to be done.


I’ve also been sketching patterns.


Summer is in full swing. We’ve been staying up late and hanging out with our friends. Our garden is full of peas and kale and blueberries.


Costumes for next week’s 4th of July parade.
This is the last week of my show at Crimson Laurel. Only 3 pieces left- click here to see the show.

Life is good. Thanks for reading


First Days of Summer


I have been out of the studio.  It’s lovely taking a break.  My yard and gardens are thriving, and we got to take a week at the beach. 


The kid loved it.  We did too.

I’m back on Snow Creek and gearing up for the Studio Tour this weekend.  Come on out and see our new work.  Because of my bad firing, I’ll be having a big old seconds sale- lots of pots with little flaws for sale.  Find more information HERE.

I am the Featured Artist this month at Crimson Laurel.  Check out this great photo collage they made for me.


The show is off to a good start but there are more pots for sale.  See the show HERE.  I’m really proud of the work in this show, I hope you’ll take a look.

Thanks for reading.

New Images!

Hi Y’all,

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting images from the last firing, and here they are!

striped dinner plate


stack serving bowls

serving bowls.

diamond mugs

diamond mugs.

white on white yunomi



You can see more images on my Gallery Page.

I have been sending pots out and setting up our showroom for spring visitors.  We’ve had a lot of folks through despite our lousy, cold weather (where is spring??).  I’m also taking some time to get our land in order.  All that rain and a broken lawnmower meant that our lawn was incredibly tall.  I finally am getting that taken care of this week, alond with planting, weeding, cleaning, painting…  You know, all those things that get pushed aside when I’m slammed in the studio.  I’ll post some pictures of my garden soon- it’s a lovely space.  We are eating spinach from it now, and lots more is growing.

Coming up in June, I will be the Featured Artist at Crimson Laurel Gallery.  Many of the pots above will be in that show.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the new work!