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Loading and Firing Photo Round Up


It’s been busy!  I fired last week, and it went well.  Here are some photos of the loading:

ware boards of pots

Ware rack with pots to be wadded.

cm wadding pots

Me wadding the pots.  I put my plates rim to rim lately- it saves space and I like the look.

The firing went smoothly.  I got to spend the day with my husband and some good friends.

cm by kiln

Waiting to stoke.

sexy beast

Kiln getting hot!

firing at night


I had images shot this week of some of the best pots.  With luck I’ll get them soon.

I still have a few yunomis unsold at AKAR.  Check them out here– I’d love to have mine sell out!

Thanks for reading.

Close Up Around the Kiln

I’m almost done glazing so I took some time to ready my kiln area for loading. It’s really a nice space under my kiln shed. Here are a couple close-ups of texture.


bricks, scraped and washed.


kiln shelves.


wood ready to burn.


bag wall. Leaning a bit, but it’s got a few more firing in it!


kiln floor.

Thanks for reading.

Birds! Nest!

This afternoon my daughter and I spent a bunch of time outside. We weeded and walked and went to my studio. In my ekiln and dry material shed we found a birds nest (between the silica and the old plaster).


There is a mama bird around guarding the nest and atleast 5 eggs in the nest!


Pretty neat!


We stopped to smell the flowers.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I might just take the day off. Thanks for reading!

Solar panels and chainsaws.

It’s spring break for the kids in our area this week. I hope we’ll be a family who vacations during spring break, but not this year. John and I (but mostly John) have been getting the wood stacked for the firing. It’s almost done.


I’ve been in the studio making pots and doing some ‘side projects’ at night.


New sign.

Meanwhile on the homefront- our solar panels are up! The last of the wiring goes in tomorrow. We are still waiting on Progress Energy to get back to us, but hopefully all systems will be a go soon!


Today’s bread. I bake bread about 3 times a week.


Don’t you love primrose?

Thanks for reading.