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In the Swing…

It has been a productive week. My daughter is off at school from 8:30 to 2:45, which has felt like a huge block of time! I can make a lot of pots in 6 hours. Here are some images I took today.


I threw 31 mugs this morning.


Ware rack with pots drying by the wood stove.


18 plates to be trimmed and squared tomorrow.


Clay weighed and wedged to throw tomorrow. These are 4 lb balls that will be bowls.

I find it helpful to decide what I’ll do first the following day. Like today I wedged for bowls tomorrow. It keeps me from walking in circles when I first get to work.

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Happy New Year!

Full speed ahead for 2013. I’m back in the studio full time and excited about making pots. Just a few images below that I took today.


wood stove.


bowls to be trimmed.


New vases. These are slab built and about 20 inches tall.

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Spruce Pine Potters Market Recap

Phew!  This past weekend I did the Spruce Pine Potters Market.  This is a great show.  The quality of the pots is really exceptional.  SPPM is run by the potters, so I work all year on a variety of committees.  My weekend was full of good conversation about my work, and pots in general. Here are a few shots of my booth.

This black and white box vase “City Scape” was a hit!  It sold Saturday morning.

John and I got some new display units from Ikea.  I think they are working out well.

I was really pleased with how my new work was received.  Thanks to all who came out!

On Wednesday I will be setting up for the Craft Fair of the Southern HighlandsJohn and I will be sharing a booth again- his work is on all the ads for this show this year!  It’s the last big retail show I’m doing this year, so come see me in Asheville if you can.

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Well, I unloaded the kiln today. It looks good. I’m always quick to notice the things that didn’t work, but after spending today sanding and putting pots away I think it’s great.


There are a bunch I’m excited about. Here are a few.