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Firing Aftermath

Thursday already!  This week was full and busy, but I’m finally feeling like I’ve taken care of loose ends.  There are so many things that get neglected in the crunch before a firing- our grass is super tall, our house was a mess, the garden is full of food to harvest and weeds to pull… Slowly I am taking back my house and yard from the dust and weeds.  I have put away pounds and pounds of pesto this week, done countless loads of laundry, and best of all I have had more time to spend with Grae.

House and Garden
The grass might be tall, but it’s still a cute place!

On Tuesday John and I brought our work to Art Cellar for our show, ‘Artful Union’, which opens today.  We brought a LOT of work!  I heard from them yesterday and they have already sold all my plates and some of John’s bottles.  Yay!  I’m really excited to see the display- John and I show together fairly regularly, but this is our first 2 person gallery exhibit.  I’ll be sure to post pictures.  There is an opening reception on Saturday from 4 to 6- we would love to see you if you are in the area.

Well, back to mowing!  Thanks for reading.



I spent the afternoon cleaning the shop. Things tend to get pretty messy before a firing, and I like to take time to put my tools away, clean the surfaces and generally reset the studio. Here are a couple shots. The final picture is of the hops growing outside my shop.


Up to Date…

Welcome to my new and improved website!  I just love it.  Thanks Marisa!!

I’ve been thinking about keeping a blog for a while, as a tool to reflect on my process and my pots.  Since the birth of our daughter my studio practice has changed quite a bit.  I don’t work all day and into the evening anymore.  I take longer breaks to spend time with Grae, make sure we have a decent meal or two, and take care of the long list of chores that come with life with a baby.  In the studio my time has become more focused.  I don’t hesitate when I get down to the shop- I just start making.  Knowing I only have 3 hour stretches to work makes me use that time as efficiently as possible.

Grae is 1

I am trying to make more deliberate, slower pots- trying to really focus on each one, rather then just throwing a bunch of pots to fill the kiln.  As a result I am only going to fire my kiln three times this year (in the past I have always fired 5x/year.  Last year I only fired twice, but I was pregnant).  I hope the result will be better pots!

salad plates

So here we are at the end of July.  I fired my kiln on the 12th– firing XXI!  It was a good firing with new pots, new decorations, and I am excited about what I’m making.  John and I just got done showing at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands.  It was a great show- John being the poster boy for the show didn’t hurt!

SHCG booth


Today I went to Asheville to have Tim Barnwell take some images of my work- I’ll post them next week.

barnwell studio

I think that brings us up to date!