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Firing XXXI and Everything Else Since September

No, I’m not really going to try to fit in everything I’ve been working on since September. Here we are at the end of February, hopefully nearing the end of winter. I fired my kiln for the 31st time yesterday. It seemed to go well, and I’ll unload on Wednesday. Thanks is due to the stoking genius of Alan Gratz and Daniel Garver, and of course to John Geci for taking care of everything.  This is going to be my last firing until October- we are expecting a baby boy in June!
Leading up to this firing was tough. Making pots is hard work, and pregnancy made it that much harder for me. And then came the below freezing temperatures and snow… But, I did get it done, and I’m happy with what I made. Fingers crossed that the kiln treated the pots well too!
Here are some images I took while glazing.

slab trays on ware boards
box vases from above

I will post shots of the finished pots when I unload.  Check out my Facebook page or my Instagram feed too.  I aim to blog more, but you know how that goes!

I will be showing my pots at the La Mesa exhibit Santa Fe Clay does each year at NCECA and the Potters of Madison County Potters Market in Marshall on April 4th.  Probably some other places too- I’ll try to remember to post them as I think of them!

Thanks for reading!

September already?

Where does the time go?  I keep meaning to post, and then have run into technical difficulties which seem like they will take too long to figure out.  Late summer and fall- I always feel like there’s not enough time!

I fired my kiln mid August and it went great.  Yahoo!


This firing of pots went all over- some to the Decordova Museum in Boston.  I’m their featured artist in the Store for the month of September.  I can’t get up there to see the show- if you do, please send me a picture or let me know what you think!

This past weekend I was lucky to be part of the Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum in Charlotte.  Wow!  There were pottery enthusiasts lined up down the street to get in!  I really enjoyed spending time with the other potters and meeting lots of new folks.  Here is just part of my booth from the show.




I am back to work in the studio, prepping to fire before the Spruce Pine Potters Market.  Phew- usually I allow myself a break after a firing cycle, but not this time.  


Being busy is a good problem, right?  I remain excited about what I am making and I also look forward to a trip to the beach after SPPM.  This will be my last firing of the year- if there is something you would like, jot me an email.

Thanks for reading.



June is over!  I can’t believe how fast summer is going.  It’s been great.  We are eating loads of good stuff from our garden.  There’s just nothing better than fresh foods that we grew ourselves.  My daughter is three, and is something of a picky eater, but she will eat anything if she picks it herself!  So every day we go to the garden and eat handfuls of peas, carrots, blueberries and greens…  Truly joyful for all of us.

My firing (from the very end of May- sheesh, this has taken me a while) turned out great.  I had good helpers to tend the kiln (thanks Alan and Daniel) and my wood was nice and dry… it went quite smoothly.  The pots look good too.  My newly adjusted black glaze worked well!  Here are a couple images I took while unloading.




Yahoo.  I just got images of the pots back from Lindsay Rogers and will get them on the website soon.  Thanks for checking in, and if you are in the area- do come by to see us!