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A few failures and a few successes

I have done 2 refires in my electric kiln so far.  The first refire didn’t go so well.  I’d say only 1/4 of the pots I fired again turned out ok.  It did change some of the pots that were trash, to pots that are sellable as seconds.  Ha.

The second electric firing went much better.  I worked out the bugs in the firing schedule (fired a little cooler, with a longer soak, and slight change in the cooling) and got some pots out that are OK!  Maybe even good!!  With this post I decided to focus only on the positive and show you some successes.

Striped plate:

stripe plate



Two serving bowls.  The raw clay got re-oxidized which makes it look kind of naked to me.  But the glaze looks good.

serving bowls


Mug detail.  There were some pots with lots of ash on them- and the ash melted nicely in the refire

mug detail




Small tray.  Nice, huh?

zipper tray


The back of the tray (the raw clay) is paler then I want.  I like the wood and salt surface my big kiln gets.  But for now, I’ll take what I can!



Five segment tray:

5 segment tray

Oribe bullseye plate:

oribe bulls

I’m firing again right now (programmable kiln!).  I’m hopeful!

Thanks for reading.




Beautiful! keep on ’em!



John G

That bullseye plate is NICE!


Courtney, they are all beautiful, I don’t see any seconds there! And I really like the pale blush on the tray. Sometimes our expectations can get the best of us, but those that just see the work without any expectations can appreciate it for what it is, beautiful hand crafted work!