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June is over!  I can’t believe how fast summer is going.  It’s been great.  We are eating loads of good stuff from our garden.  There’s just nothing better than fresh foods that we grew ourselves.  My daughter is three, and is something of a picky eater, but she will eat anything if she picks it herself!  So every day we go to the garden and eat handfuls of peas, carrots, blueberries and greens…  Truly joyful for all of us.

My firing (from the very end of May- sheesh, this has taken me a while) turned out great.  I had good helpers to tend the kiln (thanks Alan and Daniel) and my wood was nice and dry… it went quite smoothly.  The pots look good too.  My newly adjusted black glaze worked well!  Here are a couple images I took while unloading.




Yahoo.  I just got images of the pots back from Lindsay Rogers and will get them on the website soon.  Thanks for checking in, and if you are in the area- do come by to see us!