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Pink Light

The light was very pink and beautiful on my walk home this evening.  I didn’t use any filters on these. 


Studio and wood kiln


My quince is amazing.


Small slabs and kindling for my wood stove.  I use the wood that is (for whatever reason) not great for the kiln to heat my studio.  I also use bigger hard wood that my husband harvests from dead stand trees in our woods.  He has already gotten for me most of what I’ll use next year!  Thanks John.


Our little house.


And, looking up toward John’s shop/our showroom.  Pink!

We just got back from a trip to the beach.  It was lovely- nice warm water, great shells, great nature preserves.  It’s also really nice to be home.  I’m back to work in the studio.  And excited to make.  Today I threw 16 small plates to get into the swing.  More images to come soon.

Thanks for reading.

Glaze testing

In the last firing, I had some issues with my black glaze.  I guess I’ve had these issues for a while- the glaze sometimes goes INCREDIBLY matte.  Too matte.  After a great glaze council with John Britt, I was informed and motivated to do some testing.


First step was to make the test tiles.

Then I had my assistant mix up a bunch of tests.  I tested my base glaze (for the black) with different increments of colorant.  Because my black calls for a LOT of stain, we figured that was what was causing it to go too matte.  We mixed up 60 tests.


I dipped in the test tiles….


And brought them up to Penland where my neighbor/friend Michael Kline was firing the salt kiln.  Thanks MK for getting these in.


Today I have been looking through these tiles- There’s so much information here for me!  I think that I need far less colorant for my black glaze to be what I want it to be.  It feels good to have that problem solved!

Back to making pots this week.  Also- it’s amazingly warm and sunny here.  WOOHOO!  We are taking time to garden, harvest next years wood, and go to the park with Grae.

Thanks for reading.