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Today I wrapped up the green ware stage and started to glaze. I love this transition. Cleaning the clay off the tables, getting out the glaze buckets, taking stock of the pots I made and thinking of how I plan to decorate them. It feels good.


So many pots! So many options!
I started by glazing some bowls with simple line drawings.


It’s full steam ahead tomorrow. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, reader. Thanks for checking in!

Getting there…

Note to self: Winter can be a hard time to get pots made!

I am finally getting close to being finished making pots.  I think I have one more week of wet clay in order to get the pots I need made. 



So, keep plugging away this week.  No problem.

John Geci has a lot going on- first of all, his NEW WEBSITE is live.  It is so nice.  The amazing team at ODDS put it all together for us and we just love it.  Thanks ODDS.

Currently he is up in Baltimore for the ACC show.  Do go see him if you are in the neighborhood.

I think we had our last snow last week.  I hope.  I’m ready for spring, ready to plant, ready for some sun.


We got some new cards made.  I like them- do you?


I’ll post more images when I start to glaze.  I love this part of the process- I have lots of ideas for patterns, and I can’t wait to draw them out on some pots.  My firing has had to be postponed, but I’m ok with it.  It’s worth it to take the time and not rush this work.


Thanks for reading.


Falling Behind.

I am sick again.  Strep throat.  This is my second round of strep in three weeks.  Ugh.  Between that and Grae’s illness last week (thankfully, she wasn’t very sick!) I have missed so many days in the studio.  I planned to fire my kiln at the end of this month, but I’ve resigned to the fact that I have to move that date.  Mid March I hope?



I am taking a needed day out of the studio today.  I’m not going to push it.  Sometimes you just need to take the time to sit down, and breathe and heal.  With luck I’ll be back in the studio later this week and get these pots made!  They are calling for 6 inches of snow tomorrow.  That means no school for Grae, and no studio for me.  But hey- nothing I can do but accept and enjoy.  Tomorrow we will be building towers, forts, and if I’m well enough- sledding.

Thanks for reading.