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Just a few images to show you what’s going on in the studio. My firing is next week.


I’m tired, but wanted to update the ole blog. More images and writing soon. Goodnight readers and thanks.

Photo Round Up

It’s been a busy week. I’m almost done making pots and on to glazing. Things are fun and crazy at home too. Here are some images to catch y’all up.


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Thanks for reading.

Whole Lotta Slab Trays

I’ve been cranking in the studio.  My end of November firing is looming and I’m working hard to get a bunch of pots made.  I’m splitting my kiln with my neighbor potter Michael Kline which is great because I don’t have time to fill it, but need a few more pots before the end of the year.

I’m making lots of slab trays.  They are lots of fun to make, and folks keep asking for them.  Here’s how I make em:


I roll out a slab with my slab roller.  Then I use my templates and cut out the bottom of the piece and the 4 sides.


I put the piece together wet.  I add a coil to the inside of the pot to make a nice smooth rounded serving area.  Then I let the piece dry to leather hard.


When it’s leather hard I take a sureform (a dry wall tool) and finish the outside.  I use a rubber rib to smooth it all out.  Then I add some feet.  Simple right?


My article for Ceramics Monthly comes out next month (in the December issue).  I’m psyched- can’t wait to see it in print.  This week is the last week for wet clay for me this year.  If there’s a pot you’re dying to have- give me a holler!

Thanks for reading.