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How to Glaze a Platter

After I clean the dust off and wax the rim I draw out the pattern with a pencil.


I paint the piece with liquid latex.


I pour on the glaze and then peel off the latex resist.


I paint over the first glaze with wax, and when it’s dry I pour the second glaze on.


This platter is ready to go into my firing next week. Fingers crossed- I love this pattern!
Thanks for reading.



Last wet day was today. I threw the last few plates and put together some more box vases. I have a lot of pots.


I swept and cleaned the clay off my tables. Then I started to wax the rims and bottoms of pots.
Glazing is my favorite. I’ve been thinking about, researching, and drawing pattern. How exciting to finally get it on the pots. I brought a platter to the house even- if I get Grae in bed soon maybe I’ll get time to draw tonight.

I need to replace my bag wall before I fire. This project is looming large for me- I need to just start it and it probably won’t be so bad.


See it leaning?

Thanks for reading.

Piling Up

Pots are starting to pile up around here.


I’m aiming to fire in the second week of September.

My dahlias are lovely.


And thanks to Tom Dancer and my husband John, there are new steps leading towards my studio.


Good stuff. Thanks for reading.

Just A Few Pictures

Through a series of events and schedule changes my firing has been pushed up to early/mid September. I’m cranking in the studio and it’s going well. Here’s just a few shots to show you what I’m up to.


slab trays in progress.


close up on the 5 sectioned trays.


mug handle tunnel.


my ware racks are filling up.

More soon, I promise. I’m feeling inspired and productive. We continue to enjoy the long days with our daughter and our friends. Summer 2013 has been lots of fun.
Thanks for reading.