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Lagging a little…

Hey y’all.  I’ve been covered up here on Snow Creek trying to get this kiln fired.  Finally last week my amazing husband went and got me wood from the sawmill.  I usually have it delivered, but Milan (who runs the mill) was in the midst of replacing his dump truck.  John spent all day with our friend Tessa and got the wood stacked.  Phew- thanks John!

She’s cute, huh?


Meanwhile, I’m cranking in the studio.  Here are a few shots from the past week.

Box vases, bisqued and with insides glazed.


Box vases with the first glaze.  I’ll glaze the thin lines white next.


Some of the dinner plates.  I have a lot of plates to glaze.


I’m enjoying glazing.  I like thinking about patterns, about the way lines and shapes can fill a space.  I’m behind, and my firing is going to be later than I hoped, but it’s going well.


Thanks for reading.



click this for a panoramic of my studio!
click this for a panoramic of my studio!

My space is filling up!  I’ve got a couple more weeks of wet clay work- trying to make all the pots I’ve promised people and galleries I would make.  It’s going well.  I had the flu last week and lost about 5 days (it was lousy!), so I’m scrambling to make up the time.  Check out my facebook page for some stop motion videos of me working.

Thanks for reading!