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Things in the studio are getting busy.  I had been worrying that I didn’t have a lot going on this spring- no big retail shows, only a few gallery shows- so I sent out some emails to galleries I enjoy working with.  The response was huge.  I am now feeling a little like I’ve got too much to do!

These large slab vases I’m working on have gotten a great response so far!  I hope they turn out!!

In my last firing back in October I had about 60-70 plates.  They were almost all sold or off to galleries within the first week!  Time to increase my prices!  I’ve had a bunch of requests for plates, so I’m making even more for this firing.  Above is 18 salad plates made a couple days ago.

Trimming is messy!  This morning despite being under the weather I did get those plates trimmed.

You can never make too many mugs, so I’m also plugging away at that.  31 mugs made yesterday.

Meanwhile, my husband John has been working on improving our house!  We now have filtered water.

And he took down the pesky walnut trees beside our house.  Every year they drop walnuts on the roof (BOOM!), and because of the walnut toxin juglone, we are unable to grow anything near the house.  No more!  The walnuts are down and soon to be milled into boards.

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When It Rains, It Pours.

This has been a VERY wet week.  I don’t know how many inches we actually got here, but is basically poured for 4 days.  We have been preparing to put a new roof on our house- we bought the tin, hired a crew… and then the rain.  Ugh.  As soon as the rain let up yesterday, John and our crew ripped off the old (leaky) roof.

They are going to get the whole roof done this upcoming week.  It feels good to be taking care of the old house.

Meanwhile in the studio, pots were not drying.  So I kept throwing.  Today all the pots seemed to dry at one.  I spent today trimming pots.


condiment bowls.

I had a couple boards of large mugs to put handles on.  Here is my handle attachment station.

Finished mugs with handles.

I have about a month left to make pots for this firing, and lots still to make.

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In the Swing…

It has been a productive week. My daughter is off at school from 8:30 to 2:45, which has felt like a huge block of time! I can make a lot of pots in 6 hours. Here are some images I took today.


I threw 31 mugs this morning.


Ware rack with pots drying by the wood stove.


18 plates to be trimmed and squared tomorrow.


Clay weighed and wedged to throw tomorrow. These are 4 lb balls that will be bowls.

I find it helpful to decide what I’ll do first the following day. Like today I wedged for bowls tomorrow. It keeps me from walking in circles when I first get to work.

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Happy New Year!

Full speed ahead for 2013. I’m back in the studio full time and excited about making pots. Just a few images below that I took today.


wood stove.


bowls to be trimmed.


New vases. These are slab built and about 20 inches tall.

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